Lunch Menu

    • Lunch Appetizers

    • A1 :: Crispy Taro


      Old fashioned Thai snack - Taro stuffed with mixed vegetables served with sweet cucumber relish

    • A4 :: Golden Curry Puff


      Puff Pastry stuffed with ground chicken, sweet onions, potatoes, aroma of curry and cucumber relish

    • A8 :: Vegetarian Spring Roll


      Carrots, celery, shitake mushroom and jicama wrapped in herb with rice paper

    • A9 :: Shrimp and Taro Dumpling


      topped with crispy garlic served withsoy dipping sauce

    • A11 :: Shrimp and Crab Spring Roll


      Served with soy bean herb dipping sauce

    • A15 :: Crab Rangoon

      A15 :: Crab Rangoon


      Deep-fried wonton filled with crab meat, green onion and cream cheese

    • A16 :: Fried Wonton


      Homemade deep-fried chicken wonton with sweet chili sauce

    • Lunch Specials

      Served with soup of the day (Dine in only) 10.99

    • Monday: Duck Pho - Noodle Soup

      Roasted duck on egg noodle in flavorful herb broth, topped with green onion and cilantro 10.99

    • Tuesday: Crab Fried Rice

      Lump crab meat stir-fried with jasmine rice, egg, white & green onion, cashew nut 9.99

    • Wednesday: Pineapple Fried Rice

      Stir-fried jasmine rice with egg, broccoli, carrot, peas, onion, cashew nut, raisin and our house special sauce with choice of protein

    • Thursday: Basil Fried Rice

      Stri-fried jasmine rice with egg, onion,bell pepper, broccoli, Thai basil sauce with choice of protein

    • Friday: Curry Fried Rice

      Jasmine rice stir-fried with egg, broccoli, onions, peas, carrot in house curry sauce with choice of protein

    • Lunch Entrees

      Available Monday - Friday: 11AM - 3 PM Choice of protein: Vegetable or Tofu: $9.29 Chicken or Soy Duck: $9.59 Beef or Pork: $9.99 Shrimp: $10.99 Add a Fried Egg: $1.25

    • Pad Thai

      The most famous Thai dish; Stir-fried thin rice noodles with egg, bean sprouts, green onions and crushed peanuts

    • Pad See Ew

      Stir-fried wild rice noodle with scrambled egg, broccoli and light garlic dark soy sauce

    • Drunken Noodle

      Stir-fried wide rice noodles with bell pepper, green onion, white onion, carrot in a delicious Thai basil sauce

    • Panang Curry

      Panang curry paste in coconut milk, kaffir leaves, bell pepper and grounded peanuts

    • Red Curry

      Thai red curry in coconut milk, green pea, bamboo shoot, bell pepper and basil leaves

    • Green Curry

      Famous Thai green curry in coconut milk with bamboo shoots, eggplant, basil leaves, kaffir lime leaves and bell pepper

    • Lo Mein Stir Fried

      Stir-fried Lo Mein noodle in house special sauce with egg, napa, cabbage, carrot and broccoli

    • Massaman Curry

      Hearty brown curry with potatoes, avocado and peanut

    • C5 Pho - Thai Noodle

      Thin rice noodle with celery, bean sprout, scallion, in homemade herb spice broth

    • Sweet and Sour Chicken

      Lightly battered chicken with tomato, cucumber, bell pepper and pineapple with a home made sweet n' sour sauce

    • Grilled Chicken Arugula Salad

      Sliced grilled chicken breast with arugula, fennel, green apple, parmesan cheese and juniper vinaigrette

    • Pad Kaprow

      Stir fried fresh basil sautéed with your choice of (minced) protein and garlic, bell pepper, onions.

    • Pad Ginger

      Stir-fired fresh ginger with mushroom, bell pepper, scallions

    • Namprigpaow

      Stir-fired thai sweet chili paste sauce with broccoli, carrot, cabbage, bell pepper and zucchini

    • Crispy Salmon

      Pan-fried fillet of salmon wrapped in rice paper served on a bed of spinach, tamarind sauce and spring mix

    • Thai Fried Rice

      Stir-fried jasmine rice with egg, tomato, onion

    • Vegetable & Tofu Stir-fry

      Stir-fired mixed vegetable and tofu in a homemade Thai light brown sauce

    • C19 Siam Chicken

      Stir-fried chicken lightly battered with chili paste. Topped with sautéed onion, cashew nut and pineappple

    • Bento Box

    • B1 :: Teriyaki Chicken


      with rice, spring roll and house salad

    • B2 :: Hibachi Steak


      with rice, spring roll and house salad

    • B3 :: Veggie Roll Bento Box


      with edamame, vegetable tempura and seaweed salad

    • B4 :: Sesame Chicken


      with rice, spring roll and house salad

    • B5 :: General Taso Chicken


      with rice, spring roll, and house salad

    • B6 :: 3 Pieces Nigiri


      with california roll, vegetable tempura and seaweed salad

    • B7 :: 3 Pieces of Sashimi


      with california roll, vegetable tempura and seaweed salad

    • B8 :: Pick Any One Roll From Sushi Lunch Menu


      with vegetable tempura and seaweed salad

    • Lunch Sushi

      Pick any 2 (6pcs) rolls for $9.99

    • Avocado Roll

    • California Roll


      Crab, cucumber, avocado

    • Crab Roll

      Crab, scallions

    • Earthquake Roll


      Spicy tuna, tempura flake, avocado

    • Inari Roll

      Sweet Tofu

    • JB Roll


      Salmon, cream cheese, scallion

    • Cucumber Roll


      Cucumber roll

    • Kempyo Roll

      Japanese sweet squash

    • Philadelphia Roll


      Smoked Salmon, tempura flake, avocado

    • Spicy Tuna Roll

    • Salmon Roll

      Salmon, scallions

    • Tamago Roll

      Sweet egg

    • Tekka Roll


      Tuna, scallion

    • Unagi


      Baked eel, avocado, scallion

    • Veggie Roll


      Japanese squash, sweet tofu), asparagus

  • Soy Duck is a gluten-based high protein vegetarian food. It is made with wheat gluten, oil, sugar, soy sauce and salt. We recommend you try Soy Duck with any Thai Curry or stir fried dishes.

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